Monday, October 6, 2008

Filing and Records Management in the Law Office

To the Legal Professionals: the South Central students are now studying filing and records management in the law office. Could you briefly describe the process of opening a new client file in your office. Explain how the process is connected to your billing process! Also, explain what goes into a new file according to what area of law the client needs assistance in. (example, the tabs needed for a personal injury case as opposed to a dissolution of marriage or a real estate file.) If you could send an example of the file-opening document by email to me, I will share it with the students. If your process is similar to someone else's process and they have posted already, just add what might be different about your office.

To South Central Students: Read the comments from the law office professionals about filing and records management. Ask questions about what is unclear to you. Don't repeat other people's questions.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Confidentiality in the Law Office

To the Legal Professionals:

Could you share how you practice confidentiality in the office? I think that most of us know that the client's information is to be kept priviate. How do you make sure that the information isn't accidentally shared with other clients or visitors in the office? Were you asked to sign a confidentiality agreement when you started work?

To Students:

Read what the Legal Professionals have to say about how they practice confidentiality. Ask questions that you have.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Experience as a Legal Assistant

Hi Everyone! I am Emily Blaschko. I graduated from South Central in May as a Legal Assistant. I work at the Le Sueur County Sheriff's Office. I also worked there while I was in school and then took a full-time position with them once I graduated. I have now been there for approximately four years. The real world is a little nerve racking but very exciting at the same time. A little work experience can go a long way. I am here if anyone has questions, concerns or just a thought. I might not be on all the time but I will try to check back as much as possible. Good luck and ask Lynda lots of questions.

Reminder Systems in the Law Office

To Legal Professionals:

Is the reminder system in your office paper or computerized or a combination? What kinds of items are put into a reminder system? How important is keeping a reminder system? What have you done as a legal professional to help you remember deadlines and details?

Giving Legal Advice

To the Legal Professionals:

Has your employer talked to you about what "giving legal advice" means? Sometimes it is called unauthorized practice of the law. Is the ethical or not? What activities would be considered giving legal advice? Does the attorney discuss this with a new employee? Is there a difference between what a "legal administrative assitant/legal secretary" can talk about with a client and what a "paralegal/legal assistant" can talk about?

To Students: Read the professionals' comments. Ask questions that come to mind. Please don't repeat questions that others have asked. I will be flexible with your grade as to comments on the blog.

Monday, September 8, 2008


If you work in a law office, how does your office keep track of time in order to bill the client? Is it paper or electronic? How do you know what to write down as billable time? Is any of your time billable? If you can share any forms or lists with Lynda, please email them to I can share them with the students. If you can attach items to this blog, you can do that too.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Telephone Use in the Law Office

If you are the receptionist at a law office, could you share your experiences at the front desk? How many phone lines come into your office? Do the staff in your office have direct numbers or do you transfer the calls? What attitude is necessary to answer the phone all day? Do you ever get irate callers and how do you handle them? Would customer service experience or training be helpful in becoming a law office receptionist? Does a law office receptionist job differ from a legal administrative assistant/legal secretary? Do you enjoy working the front desk as the first impression for the law office?